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The Mission

Arch Plus Ultra focuses on the realization of exceptional “lighting objects”, studied to offer a sensual light to exalt any ambience. The search for precious materials and meticulous techniques is synonym to their quality.

The lamp’s main body is made of individually selected precious African woods to ensure a perfect pattern. The components in cast bronze are fused at the Bonvicini Artistic Foundry in Verona, where sculptures of Giorgio de Chirico, Salvador Dali and René Magritte are also produced. The fabrics of the lampshades are woven in Venice at the Rubelli mill, famous for its top-end creations. Unifying artisanal savoir-faire with high-tech innovation is a distinguishing quality of Arch Plus Ultra products.

Essential lines and pure forms combined with luxurious materials result in a timeless design, capable of revealing its character in both classic and modern settings.

Orphée Noir


Table lamp in top quality African ebony wood certificated by CITES. The bronze detail functions as a touch switch by means of a sensor that dims the led circuit. The decorative jacquard fabric is inspired by hand-made drawing recalling the art deco style. The composition as a whole is an ode to cubic forms, seen also in the reflection of the light that creates a series of parallel squares.

Tecnic  Site orphee noir.jpg



Esperia is a table lamp with base
in Eucalyptus wood, that through
a thermal process achieves a
velvety texture. The bronze detail
functions as a touch switch by
means of a sensor that dims the
led circuit. The composition as
whole is based on the golden

Esperia Tec Sito.jpg



Pollux is a table lamp with base
in Zebrawood with dynamical
veins that create an impressive
natural pattern. The bronze
detail functions as a touch switch
by means of a sensor that dims
the led circuit. The fabric is a silk
jacquard designed by Peter
Marino. Relief is achieved
through the matelassé technique
allowing for a surface that shines
with endless shades of color.

Pollux notturno.jpg
Pollux Tec.jpg


Aldebaran Tec.jpg

Aldebaran, the brightest star of Taurus, has given inspiration for a strong light source, placed on a highly prismatic column of precious Macassar wood, supported by a triangle patinated bronze base. The prismatic form of the lampshade completes the composition. The irregular lines of the silk jacquard fabric break the satin sheen background like small waves on still water. Sales of this fabric will benefit Venetian Heritage in supporting the restoration of works of art in Venice. The idea to use the overlapping of prismatic forms derives from ancient Egyptian religion. 

Available also in table lamp version



Inspired by the roman and byzantine mosaic art, small irregular cubes in massive ebony wood, are assembled to create austere forms, where the refraction of the light designs a spectacular pattern, never seen before in a lighting object. The relief of the Rubelli lampshade’s fabric is produced expressly for this table lamp recreating the forms and the color of the base. The details in patinated brass function as a touch switch by means of sensor that dim the les circuit.

Envie_2 bright.jpg
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